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Retro and Vintage Gucci Watches – A Look at Some of The Best

Gucci is known far and wide for producing a whole range of products, all of which are known for their high level of quality and attention to detail. However, what some people do not know is that Gucci has also strayed into the world of watches, producing a lot of classy and elegant looking models over the years. We’re going to be taking a look at some of their more vintage watches and exploring Gucci creations from 1970 -1990.

Vintage Gucci 3000.2M Quartz Gold Plated Midsize Watch

Gucci 3000M

The first watch we’re going to be taking a look at is the Gucci 3000M watch. This model was designed to be either a men’s watch or a women’s watch. It’s got a gold-plated look to it, and despite being a vintage model, still fits in with most outfits today. That’s most likely because it is a somewhat simple minimalist design, with the gold look making it smooth, stylish and very sleek.

Gucci Men’s GTS 9000

Gucci Men’s GTS 9000

The next item on our list of Gucci watches is the GTS 9000. The timepiece that we’re most interested in is the one which features a gold and silver design and was created somewhere between 1990 and 1997. It’s been designed to be sleek, professional-looking, and has the same attention to detail that a lot of Gucci products are known for. If you’re looking for timeless appeal, then this is the way to go for a men’s watch.

Vintage Gucci 2000M Gold Plated Midsize Quartz Watch

Gucci 2000M

A watch for the ladies, Gucci’s 2000L watch is one which has both beauty and elegance to show off. The simple design has worked well for this particular watch, as it comes across as being stylish yet subtle, and accentuates an outfit without drawing much attention to it. In regard to functionality, it keeps time perfectly as you would expect with any Swiss made watch and has all the hallmarks of a Gucci watch, including a superior design quality and attention to detail.

Vintage Gucci 7900M Stainless Steel Quartz Mens Watch leather

Gucci 7900M

The last item on the list is the 7900M watch for the men among our readers. This particular watch is made to Gucci’s finest standards and has a durable construction without compromising on the look and feel of the timepiece. It boasts a stainless-steel crown, a silver dial with Roman numerals and silver hands. It’s a beautiful watch which would look great on anyone, and it’s one of the best from the period.

Overall, these are some of the very best watches that were created by Gucci before the 2000s. Gucci first came into the watchmaking scene in the 1970s, after a series of bad business decisions nearly bankrupted the company. Of course, they approached watches with the same level of care and attention that they use for all of their products, and the timepieces that people bought from shops were all of a good standard. A Gucci watch is something that bears all of the characteristics of the brand – luxurious materials, sophisticated design and attention to detail, and that’s what gives Gucci its distinctive appeal.

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