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1970’s Rado Musketeer IV Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Watch

rado musketeer vintage retro watch

original swiss rado mens watch pre owned

This Musketeer IV is one of the watches featured, Rado is known for its unconventional & adventurous designs. It comes with a faceted crystal;day-date calendar, twin bars mounted on its front case and a highly-decorated face. The case is made from stainless steel and embossed with the Rado logo, the Rado tri-seahorse, serial numbers, and a “WATER-SEALED” symbol but please note we cannot guarantee its waterproof effectiveness since it is a vintage watch and has not been pressure sealed. More than 40 years ago, owning a Rado like this was considered a status symbol.

Zodiac Swiss Formula 200m Date Quartz Midsize Watch

vintage retro zodiac swiss formula watch

swiss made watches for sale london

Looking almost identical to a Tag Heuer F1, Zodiac was bought by form Tag Heuer Finance Director Willy Gad Monnier in 1990. This makes a great affordable look alike!

Bulova Sea Whale King Gold plated Automatic Men’s Watch

vintage retro bulova seawhale king watch

automatic self winding bulova movement unique

The Whale logo first appeared around 1966 – 67 but does not signify the ‘SEA KING’ model. The Whale indicates that the timepiece should be waterproof. (Again it’s a vintage watch, therefore please do not test this fact!)

According to some, the Whale logo was used as a tribute to the Whalers of Sag Harbour, Home of the Bulova Watch Case factory which came out in 1966, it coincidentally marks the 100 year anniversary of a Whaling Festival of Sag Harbour which was where the Bulova factory was situated. Food for thought there.

Rado Diastar Day/Date Automatic Men’s Watch

vintage pre owned watch for sale

listed vintage watch for sale

It’s the world’s first scratchproof watch and also the single most memorable vintage Rado watch. It came out in 1962 with a unique recognisable shape. The case is oval, and the dial is round with a face that has a shield-like expanse of metal around it. The company still produces “The Original” Diastar today which comes in over 20 different styles with both quartz and mechanical movements.


1990’s Gucci 3000L Gold Plated Ladies Watch

Gucci 3000L Gold Plated Ladies Watch

Gucci 3000L Gold Plated Ladies Watch

Great Gucci ladies watch with Arabic markers on the bezel. Gucci is definitely coming back and this would make a great addition to anyone’s collection!

Tissot 1853 Seastar Ladies Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

The first company to produce timepieces made from mother of pearl, wood, stone and plastic. Since 1930, the brand merged with Omega Watches – therefore if you buy a Tissot watch, you are actually buying a Tissot-Omega Watch.

Rado Diastar Date Quartz Ladies Watch

gold ladies rado watch

swiss made rado quartz

Here is a women’s version of the Rado Diastar.

Movado Gentry Quartz Ladies Watch

Collectible Movado Gentry Quartz Ladies Watch

vintage watch pre ownedvintage watch pre owned

Movado’s most famous watch is the Museum edition designed in 1947 by Nathan George Horwitt, Bauhaus-influenced artist.  The simple design of the watch dial defined by a solitary dot at 12, symbolizes the sun at high noon. This dial was also selected for the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1960, which makes this watch the first watch dial awarded for a distinction.

We have several different models available HERE.

movado museum

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