Celebrities have loads of cool watches. It seems like no incredible look or fashionable actor is complete without a beautiful timepiece on their wrists. From the expensive to stylish to just old favourites, everyone has a watch that they think is fantastic.

Because we’re pretty interested in what these celebs feel deserve a spot on their wrist, let’s take a look at some of the different watches we’ve seen on famous celebrities.

George Clooney – Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Ex Batman actor George Clooney is the first celeb to take a look at, and his chronograph of choice is the Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch” Professional.

Source: Youtube

The watch takes its name from being on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin himself when he stepped onto the moon in 1969. This chronograph is 42mm, and a hesalite crystal covers the dial. You’ve got a 30-minute recorder, a 12-hour recorder and a small sub-dial displaying the seconds. It’s a beautiful watch for a sophisticated man.

Chris Hemsworth – TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01

The blonde hunk known as Chris Hemsworth has shot to stardom in the last decade playing Thor in the MCU, and his watch of choice is the equally handsome TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01.

Source: Chronext

This is a beautiful model which is 45mm in size, and has a surprising 100m of water resistance. The crystal is sapphire with anti-reflective properties on both sides, and you’ve also got a fixed polished steel and ceramic tachymeter scale. As an additional note, Hemsworth is an ambassador for Tag Heuer, https://www.sihspune.org/proscar.php which only highlights his fondness for the brand.

Daniel Craig – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Daniel Craig is a legendary actor, and known around the world for being the brooding, brutal, and beautifully dressed action hero that is James Bond. But he’s picked up his love of Omega watches from his character, so it seems, wearing the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean both on and off-screen.

Source: Wikimedia

With variants that come in either 39.5 or 43.5mm, and a stainless steel or 18-karat gold, it’s easy to see why. The Planet Ocean collection comes in many forms – titanium designs, rubber and ceramic bezels, and indexes coated with a special substance that allows for a clear view while underwater – this is a watch that is at home on the wrist of a diver or a super spy.

Source: Wikipedia

Overall, these are just some of the different options worn by your favourite celebrities when they want to make a public appearance and look good. You can definitely get an idea of who these people are by the tasteful chronographs they wear. Whether it’s a fresh Tag Heuer offering or even something like the Cartier Tank that was spotted by the late Princess Diana, there’s a lot of beautiful timepieces out there. While you tend to find Rolex and Omega dominate the competition, a lot of the other leading brands still shine through – it’s always exciting to check out the latest Academy Awards or Oscars to see who’s sporting what brand this year.

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