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A Quick History Lesson:

Certina was started in 1888 by Adolf and Alfred Kurth who began making only watch components. By 1906, under a new name: ‘Grana’ they started producing complete watches. They changed the name ‘Certina’ in the 1930s. By the 1950’s they were producing around 1000 watches per day as well as supplying Hamilton with automatic movements. In 1971, Certina joined The General Watch Co.
(Which later evolved into the Swatch Group)

Certina is well known for their ” Double Security” or “DS” feature known for reliability, innovation and precision. Loved and designed for divers, mountaineers, pilots, rally drivers, this is a sports-orientated watch company. They use affordable but quality materials.

Photo Credits: Certina Official Site

certina double security concept

1-Sapphire crystal (extremely scratch-resistant)
2-O-ring seal on the setting stem
3-Two O-ring seals on the crown
4-Special seal in the case back
5-Reinforced case back

Reliability: Their watches come with 316L High-Grade stainless steel and a sapphire crystal resulting in the Double Security Concept, which was launched in 1959. This allows the watch to not only be shock-resistant but also water-resistant to 100m or more. These watches can resist extreme conditions.

The Certina DS watches abilities were tested when they were worn by climbers climbing the Himalayan mountains in 1960. They survived the pressure and altitude changes through two different expeditions.

Then in 1970, another expedition to Mount Everest by a Japanese also tested the Double Security Feature. He took five Certina DS-2 Chronolympic watches that also withstood the temperature changes as well.

certina racing sponsorships

Precision: Their watches have high-end quartz movements which make them incredibly accurate and very useful in the motor sport’s industry. They became the official timekeeper in the 1990s for the Grand Prix.

Some other major achievements

vintage certina watch

1936- Manufactured the world’s first digital watch with a spring movement and rotating disks. The disks bore inscribed numbers which showed the time.

1971-Produced the first watch to display human biorhythms. It was called the Biostar.

Certina Watch Diamaster

1975- TheDS-DiaMaster was produced. It was scratch-resistant watch with a case made from tungsten carbide, which was supplied by Rado at that time (Rado also used the same case in a few of their Diastar models). It won several awards for design and innovative material use. Muhammed Ali was chosen to advertise this new masterpiece.

mohammed ali certina watch

2004- The DS 3 1000m, a new innovative divers watch that is self-winding was produced. It is a top-performing watch ideal for aquatic sports and any underwater explorations.


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