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Owning a vintage watch is a little like owning a classic car: You have the satisfaction of knowing that you own one, you occasionally get it out, give it a polish, perhaps even try it on for size and then put it away again, waiting for the right time.

The Citizen Red Arrows Limited Edition Navihawk is everything that a luxury vintage watch isn’t. But that’s part of the appeal, and you shouldn’t overlook it as a daily wearer.

citizen red arrows watch

The Limited Edition Citizen NaviHawk Red Arrows

Dress to Impress

You see, the Red Arrows (Arrow?) does everything you need it to, and it sits quite happily with a business suit, or if you work in a startup, the prerequisite tight shirt, jeans and beard compliment it equally; it’s one of those watches that magically takes on the surrounding environment and works with it.

Whether you’re surfing in Hawaii, working out at the gym, punching a keyboard or entertaining clients, this watch looks like you’ve picked it specifically for the occasion, and that’s a rare thing.

Perhaps part of the magic is the price – just £569 RRP, which automatically fits it in the band of cheap enough to wear every day without worry, expensive enough to look a little dressy, and truth be told, it’s different enough to mark you out as someone that has an interest in all things horological.

citizen red arrows watch

Presentation box and COA

Styling and Functionality

You may not find any retailers with new stock – the limited edition (just 5,000 worldwide) models from Citizen always sell, so while you may be able to find a ‘pre-loved’ model, knowing the model code (JY8039-54E) won’t necessarily help you.

At first glance, the look of the watch isn’t dissimilar to a traditional chronograph, but behind the anti-reflective crystal lurks technology, and it’s the tech that brings the watch alive.

With a limited edition Eco-Drive U680 movement and radio-controlled atomic clock synchronisation, the Navihawk is capable of telling the (accurate) time in 43 cities across the world, or under 200m of water if you prefer.

The tech comes wrapped in a pretty stainless steel mesh bracelet with push-button deployment clasp, pilot’s rotating slide rule, and dual time zone display; no, it isn’t traditional, but it’s all the better for it.

vintage time watches, citizen red arrow

Form or function? Definitely both

Citizen Watches

Citizen has been making watches for nigh-on 90 years, and although they always seemed to be … the type of watch you’d find on the high street, their watches have always piqued an interest for serious collectors.

Just as you have collectors for the Seiko Monster, Citizens have been on the radar of collectors for some time. It isn’t necessarily about one aspect, or the fact that their atomic timekeeping will have a tolerance of +/- 1 second in 100,000 years (which if my maths is correct means +/- 1 second in 31536000000000000 seconds).

Rather than as a brand that produced sub £100 watches for their bread and butter, the limited editions, specials, and higher-end models always seemed to offer more for your money, including technical ability, mechanical parts, durability … a little like a Mazda Roadster rather than a 250 GTO.

Unquestionably we’d pick the GTO, but if you needed something that worked every single time you wanted, that had to get you from A to B, that wouldn’t need attention every day, the Mazda would hands-down win.

citizen watches

Traditional chronograph styling (almost), packed with technology

Vintage Time Watches

A watch can be so many things to different people, logic doesn’t necessarily play a part, it could be falling under the spell of something for no reason, an inexplicable need to appreciate some fine craftsmanship or just styling. There doesn’t have to be a reason to own any of these watches, just purely because … you want to.

We’d say that for many of our customers, knowing that they have something special that can be passed down generation to generation is a common theme, for others, it’s the mechanical engineering that literally makes it (and them) tick.

What’s the reason you bought your first luxury watch? Was it the styling? The statement? The brand? Why not let us know, we’d love to hear just what makes you tick.

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