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Lets Explore Movado’s History this week: Movado was founded by Achille Ditesheim, in 1881 in a little Swiss village called La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The company received around 6 “first-class Official Rating Certificates” for their hand made watches by 1899 and with only six other employees, they launched 8 new Ligne wristwatch collections.

By 1905 the company was officially named Movado which mean “always in motion” in the Esperanto language.

movado polyplan

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Then in 1912, the company designed a patented movement watch called the Polyplan. This revolutionary movement had three planes that fitted in a curved case on the wrist. These watches created havoc in its day and are keenly hunted at auctions these days.


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1914 was the year they developed the “Soldier’s Watch. It has a protective grill or also known as a shrapnel guard and become very popular in WW1 selling about 2000 items each year.

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In 1935, they introduced their very own Movado water-resistant watch called the “Acvatic”. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘aqua’ which means water. The various version as a screwed back with a lead gasket, and also a cork seal in the winding crown. This unique method was developed by a company, owned by three brothers called Tauber, which owned Francious Borgel of Geneva.  They developed several water-resistant cases for the Movado company.

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An iconic watch of Movado is the “Museum” watch that came about in 1947. It was designed by an American, Nathan George Horwitt and the watch had a very simple dial and a single market dot at the 12 o’clock spot. It was to symbolise the sundial (for which don’t know, is the oldest method of keeping time). There are even one of these watches in New York’s Museum of Modern Art!

Movado also suffered during the “quartz crisis” in the 1970s which it was forced to be sold in 1983 to Gerry Grinberg, an American. He escaped Cuba’s Communist revolution and today the company is part of the Movado Group, Inc.

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