vintage hamilton watch

Here is a new addition to a short history worth knowing. It’s a 1980’s Hamilton 6210 Gold Plated Quartz Midsize Watch. Registered. This issue among many others are produced as re-issues from Hamilton’s most popular mid-1950’s and 1960’s models but are selected to have a more general look.

gold plated sub dial seconds

The Hamilton Watch Company was launched in Lancaster in 1892. They wanted to produce timepieces that carried the reputation as “America’s finest watch,” and manufacturing high quality, American-made pocket and wristwatches.

But then just before the quartz crises in 1971, the Tissot and Omega Holiday Company (The SSIH) bought the Hamilton brand and the brand was marked as just another casual brand to own. But then in the mid-1980s, the Hamilton brand became a retro popular watch to own. These re-issued models are known to be marketed between the crises of 1974-1983.

retro gold plated watch
Some collectors find these watches desirable where some will just simply like them. Nevertheless, these watches include a piece of American history as well as a time period which has a volatile transition which makes them modestly priced and desired.

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