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Can you determine the age of your Vintage Bulova? If not, check our guide below. Bulova started using their own unique system in 1924 to mark their watches with a set of symbols which is thought to be one of the reasons people collect Bulova watches. These symbols are used on watches mostly for pre-1950 models and some could have serial numbers on their movements too.

Symbols of Dates of the Years 1924 – 1949

Table of Bulova Date Codes: 1950 – 1999

Then in 1950, Bulova came out with a 2 digit date code system which you can find on the case back or on the movement of the watch. The decade is shown in the first digit and the year in the second:

bulova age symbols

Photo & Information Credits: Pocket Watch Repair

For example, on thisĀ Bulova L4 Manual Wind Ladies Watch that is listed, you are able to see the “L4” mark on the case back which indicates that this watch was made in the year 1954!

Bulova L4 Manual Wind Ladies WatchBulova L4 Manual Wind Ladies Watch

Or on this Bulova Classic Gold Plated Men’s Automatic Watch made in 1979: can you see the markings?

Here is a 1991 Bulova Accutron Men’s Quartz Watch:

Bulova Aerojet Automatic Mens Watch

Bulova Aerojet Automatic Mens Watch

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