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Here are some Iconic Tissot Watches worth knowing about:

The Tissot “Banana”, popular in Russia in its time in 1916, and has an elongated curving tank with beautiful graduated art deco numerals. However, when Czar got overthrown, no watches where allowed to be shipped to Russia. No one knows for sure why, but one watch was shipped back for service in Switzerland and can still be found there today a factory in Le Locle.

Tissot Heritage Prince

heritage prince tissot

The modern version of the Tissot “Banana” is the Tissot Heritage Prince, which has again become very popular in Russia.

Tissot Antimagnétique

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In 1930, Tissot released the world’s first anti-magnetic watch called: Tissot Antimagnétique. It was a revolutionary piece.

Tissot Navigator

tissot iconic watch navigator

In 1953, the Tissot Navigator came to the market as the first mass-produced watch of Tissot and featured 24 time zones.

Tissot Astrolo

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The Tissot Astrolon, also known as the IDEA 2001, was the world’s first plastic mechanical watch. It was released in 1971.

Tissot RockWatch

Vintage Tissot Rock Watch R150 Speckled Granite Ladies Quartz Watch

In 1985, another iconic watch came to the market: The RockWatch made from Granite from the Alps and in 1986, Tissot also released the TockWatch Two Timer. This was the first watch to have an analogue and a digital time displays activated by a single crown.

In 1987, they released the Pearl Watch. We have 1990’s one in working condition that can be found under the Tissot category.

Tissot WoodWatch

retro vintage tissot wood watch to buy

1988 was the year the Wood Watch was released. We are lucky to have two vintage ones, and one with its original box!

tissot touch watch

The year 1999, was the year for the first T-Touch watch. It came with a six function and a touch screen with a combination analogue-digital display.

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