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Here is our Top 5 Rare Watches Pick :

  1. Bulova Sea Whale King Gold plated Automatic Men’s Watch

The Whale logo first appeared around 1966 – 67 but does not signify a ‘SEA KING’ model, although used on. The Whale indicates that the timepiece should be Waterproof. ( please note due to the age of our watches we can’t guarantee that it still is!)

whales bulova

gold dial vintage bulova time piece to buy

According to some, the Whale logo was used as a tribute to the Whalers of Sag Harbour, Home of the Bulova Watch Case factory which if it came out exactly in the year 1966, it coincidentally marks the 100 year anniversary of a Whaling Festival of Sag Harbour which was where the Bulova factory was situated. Food for thought there.

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2. Omega Seamaster Dynamic Spidey Rare Quartz 1430 Men’s Watch

We had a detailed blog about it in January, so make sure to check it out, but here is a quick update: it is officially part of the Seamaster collection and was popular among sailors as they needed to rely on a high-precision chronometer such as this one for navigation back in the day and the Seamaster watch collection was created to outlast even the toughest conditions for these sailors! This is a limited production timepiece. You can have a look by clicking HERE

Heuer Professional Quartz Ladies Watch, 982.008

3. (Pre-Tag) Heuer Professional Quartz Ladies Watch, 982.008

There are 4 eras of Tag Heuer history.  Founded originally in 1860, it was run by Jack Heuer until 1982 of which Swiss banks apparently forced him out and the company was to Piaget and Nouvelle Lemania which ran the brand for merely three years. They then sold it to the Middle Eastern investment house Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG), who renamed the brand “TAG Heuer”. With a completely revamped Tag Heuer brand and model range, they introduced watches like the Formula 1 and S/el, which made the brand a huge success.

Therefore when people and we refer to “vintage Heuer” or “pre-Heuer”, we essentially mean is pre-1985.  Check more details HERE

4. Collectible Tissot Genuine Wood Watch Quartz Watch W150

From a long list of world’s first watches including world’s first plastic mechanical watch in 1971 to the latest edition of the world first tactile watch powered by solar energy in 2014 with the Tissot T-Touch Solar, we introduce a Vintage Genuine Wood Quartz Watch.

Pre-Owned and Collectible Tissot Genuine Wood Watch Quartz Midsize Watch W150

The case is made from solid Burly Walnut Wood with a stainless steel back and the strap is a used leather strap with a golden buckle. Absolutely a trending watch right now. View it now by clicking HERE

5. Lastly, we introduce a Vintage Tissot Ceramic Case Quartz Midsize Watch

Ceramic vintages watches are rare to come by. Where most people would think this type of watch might be fragile, think again. Ceramic is chosen due to it being not only hypoallergenic, but it is also lightweight and water-resistant!

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We hope you enjoyed this month’s rare list! Stay tuned for more amazing pre-owned vintage watches.

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