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The Rado Starliner as seen below epitomized the watch industry in the 1960s, where everyone was fascinated by space and future topics, watch designers took advantage of this fascination to produce theme like timepieces.
This Starliner, for instance, depicts the same feature as the moon with its light and dark side which you can see in the featured photo.
gold rare starliner 1980
It truly has a unique anatomy. It is simple and elegant and were made in a variety of different colour schemes such as black and white, black and cream, black and yellow and won the Women’s Watch of the Year award in 1960.
 swiss made automatic movement
Encased in an indestructible 38mm casing over a leather bracelet, this timepiece will take you back to an era where being an astronaut was the coolest job ever.
rado mens time piece for sale
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