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One of the last independent Swiss brands in the watch industry, Raymond Weil is a company that still is run by its very own family members and has got some interesting inspirations behind its watch collections. Check it below:

Amadeus (1983) – Named after Mozart, a classical Austrian composer, it shows the first influence of music and arts on the watch collection names. It was launched together with Miloš Forman’s film which bared the same name. This collection had another launch in 1992, the Amadeu 200 which became the brand’s first sports watch with up to 200 m water resistance qualities. Sadly both collections have been discontinued.

Here is one of the few Amadeus that we stock online:

Raymond Weil Geneve Amadeus Quartz Ladies Watch 8082-2. 

Vintage Raymond Weil Amadeus 200 Stainless Steel Two Tone Mens Quartz Watch

1990’s Raymond Weil Amadeus 200 Date Quartz Men’s Watch. 

raymond weil vintage

Fidelio (1985)– Also another discontinued range, this collection was named after the only opera conducted by Beethoven.

raymond weil othello

Othello (1986) This collection saw the celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary consisting of ultra-thin pieces and containing their first moon phase complication. It was launched again in 2001, Raymond Weil’s 25th anniversary which celebrated the brand’s association with the musch band bond. Its name is based on Shakespeare’s story of Othello which contains many emotions of passion, love and betrayal.

raymond weil vintage watch

Parsifal (1991) This collection was the brand’s first watch collection made from stainless steel and 18k gold and its name originates from Wagner’s opera. Still available today, the collection was relaunched in 2010. This is one of their most expensive collections.

raymond weil toccato

Photo Credits: Watch Forum WatchUSeek

Toccata (1996) – A quartz only collection that derives from the Italian word ” to touch”. It is also known as a fast-flowing piece of music that is normally played by a piano or with a string instrument with plucking movements.

Raymond Weil Tango Date Quartz Watch 5360

Tango (1995) The flair and strong movements that can be seen in an Argentinian Tango is what inspired Raymond Weil on this collection. A sensual and passionate dance that they tried to bring all those feelings across into this watch collection.

Allegro (1998) This simplistic collection gives the impression of the effortless of quality that you should feel with the tempo of ballerina dances. It also shares the name with many musicians pieces such as ones belonging to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Raymond Weil Geneve Saxo Date Quartz Ladies Watch 9910. 

Saxo (1998)– This collection is referenced to jazz music and can be found with automatic and quartz movements like the one we have above.

raymond weil giovanni

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Don Giovanni (1998) Based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opera named ” Don Giovanni” in 1878, this collection reflects the performance of comical features with a daring design.

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