In a time where there is no necessity to own a watch, the major brands are having to think harder to get customers to purchase. There is a requirement to focus on what people need and want with less emphasis on mere style. With connected wearables and luxury timepieces up for grabs, there has never been a better time to buy. Now that we are a fair way into 2020, I want to take a look at what is already out and soon to be released. So, what have the major brands come up with? Take a look below and see if there is anything you would want to add to your collection.

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra and Sea Ocean Tokyo 2020 Limited Editions

With the Olympic Games in Tokyo just around the corner Omega, the events Official Timekeeper, have unveiled two Omega Seamaster watches to celebrate. One for the men, Aqua Terra in a polished blue, and one for the ladies Planet Ocean, in a polished white. The watch brand first provided its timing equipment to the games in 1932 and has now participated on 28 occasions. Each case back has been laser engraved with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games emblem and an alternative strap is included in the box. However, they are limited to only 2020 pieces, a good investment, if you have deep pockets that is !

The Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition

With a collection inspired by motorsports Tag Heuer is releasing a re-edition of the beloved Carrera. To celebrate its 160 years in the watchmaking business they have announced the Carrera Silver Limited Edition which may be available around June 2020. With a slightly bigger case than the original from 1964, its diameter is now 39mm and comes with a black alligator strap. Turn it over and you’ll see the beautiful acknowledgment to ‘160 years of Avant-Garde’. Taking pride in their founding year they have limited production of the watch, with its 168 components, to 1860 pieces.

Photo Credited to Tag Heuer

BR V2-94 Aeronavale Bronze

If you are eager to purchase the new Bell & Ross V2-94 Aeronavale Bronze then only if you pre-order now, will you hope to receive it by May 2020. Made of a bronze which apparently will age over time, and a calfskin strap inspired by the colours of the French navy’s uniform, they have been limited to merely 999 examples. If you aren’t a fan of the deep blue colour then you are in luck because they have also added a Military Green and slightly different GMT Blue option. Dedicated to ‘modern urban explorers’ it is also water-resistant to 100 metres.

Hublot Classic Fusion AeroFusion Chronograph

If we are talking official time keeping then the countdown begins for the UEFA Euro 2020. Hublot is the ‘Official Watch’ for the occasion and this summer they will be responsible for timing 51 fixtures taking place in 12 European cities. In honour of the event, Hublot has announced a limited-edition version for lovers of football’s most prestigious competition. Described as a smoky midnight blue with a deep three-dimensional dial decorated with the UEFA Champions League logo. This is something special for any football fanatic to own, however, the huge price tag and the fact that they have limited them to just 100 pieces means the majority of us will just have to admire it from afar.

Photo Credited to gmtpost

The Grandmaster Chime 6300

This company needs no introduction and featured recently by Patek Philippe on 18 February 2020 is the most complicated watch they have ever made. Named The Grandmaster Chime 6300, it behaves just like an old grandfather clock. It chimes with the use of three hammers and three gongs. With options to change the notifications to hourly, every quarter-hour and every minute with the touch of a button. Additionally, it has a perpetual calendar function using four analog hands that can even chime the date or action an alarm. The watch case is even reversible, they have thought of everything.

Photo Credited to Time and Watches

Tissot T-Race MOTOGP2020 Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition

Released for 2020 and not as expensive as others featured here is another watch again attributed to the sporting spirit of a company. Representing one of the most thrilling and fastest racing events. This one has a see-through case, meaning the Swiss-made timepiece inner workings can be seen and the face inspired by the shape of a motorbike tyre. Only 3,333 pieces have been made so it is limited, however, with a more affordable price you don’t have to be mega-rich to purchase one.

Timepieces may not be a specific requirement anymore in the modern world, however, they are a part of the fashion industry that will never be dated. With these new releases announced for 2020, a treasure trove to delight any horology enthusiast, it is down to you to decide which ones, if any, you would love to get your hands on or perhaps just dream of owning.

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