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In February, this year a vintage Heuer Autavia, ref 2446 was sold for €195 000! There’s as few as 10 or maybe less known models to exist, making this Heuer Autavia the most expensive Autavia sold publicly. It was listed by RareBirds, a German web site who originally listed the item for €200,000. (However, the Monaco 113b still holds the record of the most expensive Heuer sold at a whopping price tag of £800000.)

This Heuer is in excellent condition and possibly the best 2446 seen by Heuer fans. According to sources, the seller said there are no engravings on the case from the watchmaker, which possibly indicates that it calibre Valjoux 72 has not been serviced before. (back in the day it was common practice to engrave the watchmaker’s details inside the case back when the watch was serviced).


Photo Credits: Hodinkee

Last year, Christie’s sold another version for 125 000 US dollars, but the fascinating part is, if this watch was sold 2 years ago, it would have been lucky to fetch 30 000 US dollars. Why?

1960’s and 1970’s Swiss sports watches are starting to make headlines with their higher selling price tags due to people starting to become more knowledgeable of what makes certain models rare, and collectables.

Autavia heuer

Photo Credits: Hodinkee

Brands which are starting to gain popularity include Heuer, but also Omega, Gallet, Tudor, and of course, the all-round favourite, Rolex.

And it is all thanks to people who have these incredible vintage watches laying in cupboards for decades and all of a sudden decide to do a spring-clean or realize the value of it, that we are seeing them coming to the market.


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