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Check out these Surprising Facts about Rado Watches:

1-  Rado Produced the world’s first Scratch-Resistant watch

Rado first scratch-resistant watch was the iconic DiaStar 1, the world’s first scratch-resistant watch. And to this day they still include this revolutionary innovative technology in their luxury watches which sets them apart to their competition. The DiaStar 1 become a huge success as consumers enjoyed the comfort and style of this watch with this new scratch-proof technology which makes them a pioneer in this aspect of the watch world. Even buying a vintage watch today of Rado, will make your investment piece will truly last a lifetime.

rado vintage watch diastar

2- Rado produced the world’s hardest watch

Since 1962, Rado had been manufacturing watches with pioneering scratch-resistant technology. Their first model, as mentioned, the DiaStar Original is probably the single most memorable Rado vintage watch with this technology and then they brought out the V10K in 2002. This incredible watch, unlike the competition who uses diamond-studded methods, used a watch with sapphire and diamonds which has an ultra Swiss quartz movement. The watch has a hardness factor of 10 000 Vickers which is why it is called a V10K. To put it in perspective, diamonds are the only other material in the world that has this type of rating. And this little innovation put them in the Guinness world record books.

rado history

3- Rado didn’t start as a watch company

Originally formed in 1917, in Lengnau, a village in Switzerland by three https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-prednisone-online/ Guggenheim brothers, this company only made watch movements and not actual watches. It was only in 1957 that the company changed its name from  Schlup 8: Co. to RadoUhren AG and started manufacturing watches as we know today.


4- Producing  a ceramic watch with touch technology, a world’s first

With over 30 international designs awards, Rado has some impressive first innovation designs like this one. They launched, in 2013, the Esenza Ceramic Touch which is a watch without a crown to enable the consumer to touch and swipe the watch in order to set the time. With four embedded sensors in the monobloc case, it recognises your finger’s movement to control the minutes and hours.

rado watch

5- Innovation is what they do best

With constant innovation releases, here is another one of the amazing releases:  The Hyperchrome. It is a brown ceramic watch released in 2015, something that is very hard to do. They managed to create black, white and grey ceramic watches over the past 30 years, but with careful and innovative technology, they managed to get the brown colour just right.


6- The Fist Ladies watch was only made in 1996

The model name was the Diaqueen. It had a combination of gold, ceramic and real diamonds to make a beautifully unique piece for a women’s watch. Very elegant, yet still scratch proof it was fashionable at the time.

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