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Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 was the watch of the era in their rich history. Being the first official new release under the new acquisition of TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde). It was quartz- only watch which has not seen an automatic model in this series ever. The watch is known for its bright colours, synthetic case and simple marketing packaging and of course, its link to Formula 1 racing.

Heuer sponsored Ferrari in the 1970s where Tag sponsored the Williams team until 1981. Then they went onto buying McLaren International and funded the Porsche 1.5 litre turbo engine production which would make them World Champions in 1984 and ’85. With over three million units sold, this series was unfortunately discontinued in the year 2000.

The five-series released by the company include:

tag heuer f1

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Series 1: 1986-1990
The first F1 series, that comes in 28mm and 34mm sizes only, was designed by Eddy Burgener. He came up with a completely new innovative case made from stainless steel which would form the inner case and would be coated with fibreglass on the outside. The contemporary watches had colourful plastic straps and cases that matched and also had a variety of quartz movements. These movements included an ESA 965.312 module, Harley Ronda SA 705 movement or an ETA 955.412/ 955.414 movement. Production of this model stopped around 1994.

2nd generation f1 watch

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Here you can see a chronograph version of the first Formula 1 series.

tag heuer series 2 chronograph

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Series 2 1997-2000
A new F1 model was released coming with a different dial which included an inner patterned circle with numeral hour markers. A minute scale can be seen on the outer sides of the dial with triangular hands indicating the time.

f1 chronograph

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Series 3: 2004-2007
After a short production break, Tag Heuer released an updated version of the F1 watch in 2004 with the help of Kimi Raikkonen. What made it especially unique and different from the previous models was the Polyurethane bumpers on the sides of the case. It also had a new design which consisted of its steel bezel being coated in titanium carbide, sapphire crystal and a 316L steel case with numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The design comes in a 40mm case comparing to the vintage size of 34mm.

f1 series 4

Series 4: 2007-2011
The third last series to come about included the branding of “TAG Heuer” on the outside bumpers in place of the previous polyurethane design. It had better-raised numbers on the dial and id 1mm larger than the previous model too. The watch has an ETA F06.111 quartz Calibre while the chronograph has an ETA G10.711movement.

series 5 f1

Series 5:2012-2015
This series of the F1 model was launched in 2012. The case might have stayed the same, but a lot of changes were introduced. It had a 42mm case for all its models and polished edges giving it an upmarket feel. It also came with automatic movements ( Calibre 16).

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