It was a cold and windy Wednesday afternoon in late January 2021. The newly minted 46th President of The United States was being inaugurated and would be putting his hand on the bible for what he knew at the time would become a day of historic photographs. He chose to wear a Rolex Datejust, in steel, with a blue dial, on a jubilee bracelet.

Very few previous Presidents have opted to wear luxury watches in the past, pre-Trump, of course. Even at $7000, Bidens Datejust seems extravagant compared to the Everyman timepieces usually worn by Presidents. 

Image credited to GQ

Biden often wears a Seiko, a humble watch to save from appearing distant from the electorate. In the same manner, Bill Clinton famously wore his Timex Ironman right throughout his Presidency. The watch that The Washington Post famously described in 1993 as a “plastic digital watch, thick as a brick and handsome as a hernia.” 

Clinton’s Ironman is long gone; in fact, it’s barely seen since his final day in office. His impressive collection of watches is world-renowned. Let’s have a look at what we know President Joe Biden likes around his left wrist. 

The Datejust

Bidens Datejust is the current generation modal. It features Arabic numerals around the dial, applied markers and has a smooth bezel. It’s a beautiful, sporty watch that also looks great with a suit. It has Rolex accuracy, and it is very legible. The Datejust isn’t just an excellent watch for The President of The United States; it is a great watch for anyone.

The Rolex Datejust President Joe Biden wore to his inauguration

The Seiko Chronograph

The Seiko chronograph Joe Biden wore throughout his campaign trail and on the podium on November 7, 2020, in Wilmington, DC, for his victory speech is a simple watch. It is practical, and it is inexpensive, it is down-to-earth, it is good value for money. It reflects on Biden as honest and thoughtful but in no way extravagant.

The Seiko chronograph wore by Biden throughout the campaign trail.

Image credited to GQ

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Biden likes larger sized steel sports watches. This one makes a lot of sense as it not only suits his taste but is of outstanding value in a watch.

There is already a Government connection here. The Speedmaster was the watch worn when man first made his steps on the moon and is still NASA’s favourite. Precisely as the Seiko chronograph does, this watch reflects on Biden as non-extravagant while displaying that he values style and quality.

Bidens well worn Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Omega Seamaster

We already know Biden favours a sporty watch that goes well with a suit, and the Omega Seamaster is another that plumps straight into that category. 

This is one of the 14 new Seamasters Omega released in 2019 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Seamaster. Bidens Seamaster is not a limited edition, and the standard production model is one that any American could wear on their wrist for just under $5000.

Biden wearing his Seamaster

Image credited to Washington Post

The Seamaster is famously known for being the preferred watch of 007. It first appeared on Pierce Brosnan’s wrist in Goldeneye in 1995 and has been a stalwart for Bond ever since.

Apple Watch

Biden is also a fan of Apple, the most American of brands. He has often been spotted wearing a classic Apple Watch with a black strap, again, recognisable and relatable to the voters.

Biden wearing his Apple Watch at an Independence Parade

Image credited to Luxury Launches

Joe Bidens Watches

We can deduce from Biden’s watch collection that he is very much a man of the people. He wants to remain active and stylish, even at 78. He balances this well with being the man at the pinnacle of power and having a wrist piece to reflect this.  

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