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‘Tis The Season

Gosh … it’s that time of year again, and for those of you that don’t count down the days, you have around 250 hours to get sorted. Of course, I’ve used the old ‘bigger number’ trick so as not to panic anyone, but we’re talking around ten days.

Ten days to show someone that you’ve been thinking of them all year, that you’re a thoughtful and loving person, that they mean the world to you, and that you’ve spent aeons researching the perfect gift.

Yes, you could just roll out that increasingly strained plastic and head down to your preferred luxury watch dealer, or you could find them that little special something … these are just a few ideas that I’d like to find in my stocking come Christmas morning. And for those of you that do presents in the afternoon … you’re wrong.


Cufflinks are perhaps one of the most under-rated style accessories, but perhaps that’s a good thing – they remain a very firm indicator of style and substance, they don’t suit a three-striped hoodie, and you can’t team them with anything other than a quality shirt.

They’re also very personalised; from designs encapsulating the Supermarine Spitfire, luxury brands and every type of pastime, through to functional yet ‘dressy’ bejewelled precious metal pairings … there’s a choice for everyone, including the serious horolophile.

Automatic Watch Winder

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the possession of a number of mechanical watches, you’d have to agree that setting them each time you want to wear one can be a nuisance, even more so if you’re like me and want it to be the right time, and I mean the right time – down to the second.

What better way to protect your watch and keep it wound, ready for use, than an automatic watch winder?

Tool Kit

Not everyone wants to understand the workings of their watch, or perhaps even invalidate their warranty, but for those of us that have a number of ‘normal’ watches that need battery replacement, straps changing or bracelets altering, a cheap watchmakers toolkit can be an ideal stocking filler.

Even simple jobs like replacing spring bars is so much easier with the right tool for the job … jewellers screwdrivers aren’t the right tool!


I’m not talking about tacky ‘show off’ accessories, but something that could be practical as well as stylish – in one of my previous posts I wrote about how I got a travel case for one of my watches. It made for the perfect way to take a dress watch with me when travelling, without fear of it being damaged, or lugging around the near-suitcase sized manufacturer’s box.

Tickets to Baselworld

Baselworld is THE show for every serious horolophile to attend. You’ll find everything from the newest creations from leading brands, through to the more artisan and bespoke creations, with prices ranging from high street right through to Gosh, Golly and Oh Lord.

Double Albert Pendant

Style is more than buying the latest creation from your favourite designer, it’s about understanding how to make a look work for you, and teaming the right accessories for the right occasion.

My current ‘need’ is for a stylish pendant to attach to one end of a Double Albert chain for my pocket watch … it needs to whisper “style” at such a low volume that only the very select few will hear it.

Rolex GMT-Master II

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year; I’ve helped mummy and daddy with housework, eaten all my vegetables, I’ve even tidied my room!

Could you please send me a Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi on a Jubilee bracelet? I promise to believe in you always and perpetuate your legend forevermore. Thank you so much. (Got to be worth a try, right?)

rolex gmt, master, rolex
The Rolex GMT-Master II

A Time for Reflection

Wishing for a world full of goodies in my stocking is all very well, but Christmas is a special time of the year, it’s the one time that you can genuinely see excitement, happiness and anticipation on faces around you, be they 8 or eighty years old.

A well-thought gift can say so much more than words, but that applies equally to a bad gift – a pair of windscreen wipers from the local garage bought at 23.59 on Christmas Eve doesn’t just say “I ran out of time”.

Popular words tell us that it’s the season to be jolly, TV marketing campaigns back that up – the day after Halloween is their cue for Christmas sales, but why not spread the love around throughout the year … a vintage watch works just as well in January as it does in December!

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