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This Vintage Tudor Ref. 7923 Submariner just made eBay history yesterday and claiming the title of The Most Expensive Vintage Tudor Ever Sold Publicly for $99,999!

You would expect a Vintage Tudor with such a value to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s or Christie’s where there would be an intense debate on who would pay the final price, but this very rare Tudor got sold on eBay, after being listed for only 10 days! According to sources, it could’ve sold for even more.

The bidding started at a gentle figure of only $3,500, and 72 bids later it was sold for $99,999 to a California based seller.


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This uber super rare Tudor Submariner ref. 7923 is from the time period of 1956/1957. The reason for being so rare is that this one is the only manually-wound Submariner from Rolex or Tudor. The watch features include a small https://www.glenerinpharmacy.com/buy-generic-cialis-online/ crown, flat case back and a slim case. Hodinkee happened to see another one at the Tudor archives that are still in mint condition. (see above). Below are pictures of the watch in question:

rare vintage tudor watch

Even though the watch is pretty badly scratched, one can look past it. It still has an unpolished case and a decent bezel and it seems like there aren’t many scratches inside the actual watch. The best part of this price is that the watch does not include a strap, and it was listed with the movement not working! But luckily Shreve & Co, San Fransico fixed that.

vintage tudor

The only other Tudor to come close to such as sale is this Tudor ref. 7924 sold at Christie’s for $93,750 in 2016. This watch is on the same competition category as the Rolex ref 6538 ” Big Crown”.

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