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Watch, James Watch – The Timepieces Behind The Bond

If you’ve been around in recent history, then you’ve seen James Bond, or heard of him. Suave, sophisticated and always armed with a gun and one-liners, James Bond has become the pinnacle of the refined gentleman spy. And for as many Bond Girls that have been and gone, there’s been a wide selection of watches. Daniel Craig’s incarnation of the character is usually seen with a Rolex or Omega wristwatch, but has it always been that way? We’re going right back to the very beginning, and looking at the classic watches owned by the legend that is Sean Connery.

Photo Credit: Watchtime

Dr No – 1962

Let’s start with the film that launched the franchise, Dr No. Sean Connery’s very first outing as Bond, it started the tradition of having a sleek watch on his wrist wherever he went. It might interest people to know that even then, the love of Rolex models was prominent, as Fleming himself was a fan of the gorgeous Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer watch. It’s, therefore, no surprise that Connery put one on himself, albeit the Rolex Submariner edition, when we went hunting for the titular villain of the film. This particular Rolex model had no date display and had a reference number of 6358, which features a genuine leather strap and looks fantastic.

rolex submariner james bond sean connery

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From Russia With Love/Gold finger – 1963/64

The second Bond film, From Russia With Love, and Gold finger after that were both films where Connery kept to tradition and donned the Rolex Submariner 6538 wristwatch once again. As Q hadn’t quite got around to the stuffing of gadgets into the watch, it was the same model as Dr No, but it was still extremely swanky for the era. Longtime fans of the films have often speculated that this particular watch is one which Connery owned himself, which is possibly the result of the grooming he received from the producer to walk and talk like Bond. In any case, you’ve got to admire the workmanship of this vintage watch, and the simpler design does work nicely.

Rolex GMT Master 6542 James Bond

Photo Credit: Ari Pontikas

As a side note, Gold finger did show off another watch in action. Pussy Galore, the Bond Girl of the film, wore the watch which was often employed by pilots, the stunning Rolex GMT Master 6542 classic watch. It was, like her, very pretty too look at, and was another nod to the enduring love of Rolex watches which Fleming infused into the Bond universe.

Overall, The Connery Era was a fantastic time for classic wristwatches. After Gold finger, the penchant for Rolex did endure, but then a lot of gadgets got involved, and it all became somewhat inelegant. If you’re looking for just a watch, then the first three films are the way to go. The Rolex Submariner watch was sensible, stylish and perfect for the suave and smooth Connery. And as even today we can see all of the sophisticated wristwatches worn by Daniel Craig, we know that the original Bond is the man to thank for such beautiful classic timepieces finding their way onto the big screen.

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