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“I fell in love with vintage watches when I was old enough to fall in love with men and the two have never left me. I love the oversized look and the naughtiness of looking like you are wearing something expensive and vintage men’s watches are the right size to make a statement without visually weighing your image down.”

A big trend right now is that women don’t always want to wear women’s watches but instead love wearing men’s’ or unisex watches, especially in our Omega, Longines, Rado and Tag Heuer collections.

Featured Watch: Rolex Oyster Date Stainless Steel Oyster Case Measuring Approximately 34mm X 42mm, Without Crown and from Lug to Lug on a 14cm/5,5″ inch (small)  wrist.

In the 1990s, the typical men’s watch size was between 37-39mm wide range. A few years later, it started increasing to 41-44mm, and today it is common to see sizes from 45-48mm wide (or even larger). Most women’s vintage watch sizes are around 32mm-34mm.

size of watch

But what about unisex watches? Unisex watches, some seem to be either a bit too masculine or feminine for it to be considered truly unisex, despite the size. A woman can wear a men’s watch and give it so much appeal without losing the “macho” look and wear a unisex watch and turn it into a women’s watch.

vintage omega watch

“Some Women’s watches can have so much detail on it which can be unnecessary. There is definitely a misconception that women’s timepieces must be over-decorated and whatever happened to simplicity? I always choose men’s watches”-Unknown

Therefore the next time you shop, don’t reduce your selection simply between men’s, women’s or unisex watches. When looking at our watches, make sure to check out the size as shown below in blue boxes:

The size as included below shows 30mm x 34mm. 30mm refers to the watch diameter and the 34mm measurement is from lug to lug.

watch measurement

size chart

“I love wearing my hubby’s watch! It makes me feel like I’m always connected to him and it is a reflection of our commitment to each other. And besides, my watch collection grows without actually buying anything!”

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