The International Organisation for Standardisation has several essential elements for a watch to be certified officially as a ‘dive watch.’ These include shock, magnetic and chemical resistance, a second hand that glows permanently to indicate the watch is always working, water-resistant up to a minimum of 100 meters, and particular legibility levels in total darkness.

The traditional job of dive watches (measuring time spent in the water, calculating depths and combining the two to plan ascents.) is now almost always done by dive computers. Still, dive watches are becoming more popular than ever when it comes to a men’s luxury wristwatch option.

While the watches below have all been designed to tick all the boxes required to be a certified dive watch giving you security in the knowledge you have a quality, high tech tool around your wrist, they have also been designed with aesthetics very much in mind.

Let’s take a look at the top dive watches of 2021. Good luck with picking your favourite.

Tudor Black Bay Heritage

An incredibly stylish retro dive watch with a rich heritage.

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The Black Bay is a beautiful watch. It’s not too expensive, but it is premium. A perfect ‘proper watch to invest in if you are looking to add a piece to a collection’s beginnings.

With a classic-meets-contemporary style, this watch certainly stands out from many conventional dive watches with the steel case available with a blue, a red or a striking bronze bezel. The leather strap is a sophisticated touch to the distinctly youthful and sporty aesthetic.

The watch comes with its fair share of history as well; it shares technology with Rolex. Its parent company.

This is a trustworthy and versatile dive watch that comes with its fair share of glamour. Perfect on your wrist whether you’re smartly dressed, snorkelling in warm tropical waters or deep-down on deep-sea explorations.

Ulysse Diver X Antarctica Limited Edition 

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Unlike your regular watch, the Ulysse Diver X Antarctica limited edition is an excellent companion to take with you on any future aquatic adventures. This Swiss-made timepiece offers water resistance up to 300m and is complete in a grey titanium case with sapphire glass.

The Diver X Antartica is a superb choice of watch for serious divers.

Inside the case, you’ve got Swiss-made Caliber UN-118 Manufacture movement, beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, and with a 60-hour power reserve. 

But it’s not all functionality with the Diver X Antarctica. It also nails the aesthetic. The titanium steel case and rubber band are sleek and tough-looking while the 44-millimetre size is chunky and bold. 

If you want a dive watch that will really create a splash then this solid and sturdy, yet unique and retro watch is a good choice for you.

Bell and Ross Diver 

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For any guy who wants the best of everything, the Bell and Ross BR 03-92 DIVER can’t be overlooked. This Cartier Calibre diving watch, with its unidirectional rotating steel bezel, ensures the wearer can always read the time with ease. 

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The exceptional design of this watch and the comfort of the calfskin and rubber strap will have the owner tempted to wear it everyday.

Davidoff Velocity Diver Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch 

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The first thing that will strike you about this particular model is the unimpeachable craftsmanship. With its striking silver and blue colour combination, the Davidoff Velocity is certainly highly original and visually arresting. The red and white hands and markers are another attractive and stand-out feature of this watch. 

The scratch resilient sapphire crystal coating and water-resistance up to 300m means the wearer can relax while enjoying wearing this watch without worrying about damage.

The Appeal of the Dive Watch

Dive watches look the way they do for a reason. Other timepieces fail to match the air or necessity that a dive watch projects. The subjectiveness in the basic features of these watches, in a world full of watches where design often seems nothing but arbitrary, is one of the primary reasons for the enduring appeal of the dive watch.

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