In 2015 the Apple Watch was released, and watchmakers the world over predicted that an electronic watch would not take the place of a mechanical one. But that it could considerably damage the watch industry. 

Watchmakers reacted, and in 2016 Moser unveiled its first-ever Swiss Alp Watch. A watch shaped the same as an Apple Watch, only with a mechanical heart.

The original Moser Swiss Alp launched in 2016

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Moser claimed he only initially launched the watch to get rid of a surplus of rectangular calibres he had in stock. He says to this day that The Moser Swiss Alp Watch was nothing more than a bit of a joke and a cheeky bid for attention. If that is indeed the case, it couldn’t have turned out any better.

The Swiss Alp Watch has been a resounding hit. Both critically and commercially. What was initially launched as a one-and-done limited edition watch has blossomed into a firm favourite in the Moser range. Over the years, we have been spoiled as the Swiss Alp Story has unfolded.

9 Months Later, Moser Released The Swiss Alp S.

The original Moser Swiss Alp was a limited edition watch; The Moser Swiss Alp S wasn’t. A cosmic green sphere surrounding the blue dial helps make this a very catching on the eye watch. This beautiful watch was far from a bit of a joke’ if it ever really was in the first place.

The Swiss Alp S

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 The Concept Black

The penultimate watch in the collection was launched in 2019. The watch contained a Vantablack dial, the darkest material in the world; as it absorbs 99,965% of all light, it barely reflects any light at all. The Concept Black was a unique watch. A minute repeater with a flying tourbillon, although without hands.

The 2019 Concept Black

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The End Of The Swiss Alp Watch Collection

For what is to be the final model in the collection, H. Moser & Cie. didn’t stray far from the models which proceeded it in the line. But they made sure to make the final swansong memorable enough to do justice to the fine watches that came before it.

As with The Concept Black before it, The Swiss Alp Final Watch Upgrade has a unique Vantablack dial bearing no indices or logos, its stylish beauty perfectly highlighted by the blackened leaf-shaped hour and minute hands that so effortlessly circle it.

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Almost deceivingly, this wristwatch is entirely mechanical and perfectly designed with the next generation in mind; its 100% Swiss Manufacture movement and 96-hour minimum power reserve ensure reliability and durability to accompany the stunning aesthetics.

Remarkably, a tiny animation, similar to the one we see when our computer is uploading a file, appears on the sundial of the small seconds. This is not achieved by a traditional hand but rather by making laser cuts above a white disc.

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This high calibre watch, each one hand-finished and decorated with a black alligator strap, is a credit to Edouard Maylan and the rest of the creative team at Moser.

The watch is limited to 50 units and retails at 27000 Euros.

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